Monday, May 19, 2008

Berkeley Aquatic Park

Address: 80 Bolivar Drive, at the foot of Bancroft Way, Berkeley

As you ride on I-80 between Emeryville and Berkeley, you'll notice something like a lake along the freeway. After 10 years of living in its neighborhood, I just came to know that the "lake" is called Berkeley Aquatic Park. There is an I-80 Pedestrian/Bike bridge which spans across the I-80 freeway and links the Berkeley Aquatic Park with the EastShore Bay trail. Aquatic Park doesn't look appealing from the freeway but it's quite a tranquil place inside the park. The bike path inside the park is winding but flat. Perfect for me. We rode from Aquatic Park crossing I-80 via the ped/bike bridge to Emeryville then back to Aquatic Park and biked around the park. A total of about 16 miles.

Duckling swimming in the Aquatic Park with I-80 Pedestrian bridge as backdrop.

View of Aquatic Park from the I-80 Ped Bridge.

On I-80 Ped Bridge.

View of I-80 from the bridge.

Oracle building (used to be Siebel) at the end of the Eastshore bike path in Emeryville.

Emeryville waterfront with some wacky looking work of art.

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