Saturday, June 7, 2008

Palace Hotel

Address: 2 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco

Just came back from a business trip to Austin where we stayed at the haunted Driskill Hotel. Although we didn't encounter anything "real" I did feel some presence there. While searching for creepy info about Driskill I found that Palace Hotel in San Francisco was built in the same period (1800's) and is haunted as well. Mesmerized by the photos of its beautiful Garden Court, I decided to pay Palace Hotel a visit. I didn't feel the same creepiness as I did with the Driskill when I walked down its main corridor. I actually dare to venture inside the building alone. I ran into a very nice gentleman (I think he's one of the hotel managers) who showed me a second floor dining room where I can view the Garden Court from above through one of the semi-circle stained glass windows. What a gorgeous view! The Garden Court is said to be crowned by a $7-million stained-glass dome and chandeliers that are made of the finest Austrian crystal. I shall return for tea one day.

(Click on photo for larger image)

Corridor inside Palace Hotel. Runs from Market Street to Mission Street. Garden Court is along the way.

One of the stained glass windows in the second floor dining room which opens to the Garden Court.

View of Palace Hotel Garden Court from second floor dining room. Garden Court is famous for its stained glass doom and shimmering chandeliers. It's consider one of the world's most beautiful dining room.

A closer look at part of the dome and trimmings of the Garden Court.

Garden Court view from first floor.

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