Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rooftop Garden -- 343 Sansome St.

Address: 343 Sansome Street, San Francisco

This rooftop garden (Sun Terrace) tucks away on the 15th floor of the 343 Sansome building. It offers great view, nice artwork and ample seating spaces.

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Front entrance on Sansome Street.

Turn right as soon as you enter the lobby to visit a little museum which showcase artifacts that were found during contruction of the building. Also notice the historical elevator doors in art deco design.

The art deco ceiling

Art work by Joan Brown located in the center of the rooftop garden and a glimpse of the Bay and Treasure Island in between the two buildings.

Another view of the obelisk with TransAmerica building as backdrop.

In the lobby facing Sacremento Street is a fountain called L'Octagon designed by a Belgian artist. The silver balls move with the water. Very neat.

Ground floor of the building are restaurants that open to to Leidesdorff Street.

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