Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rooftop Garden - Wells Fargo

Address: access from Crocker Galleria, 50 Post Street , San Francisco

In San Francisco builders are required to provide public space when they build new commercial buildings. As a result there is a lot of public spaces in the form of rooftop gardens and courtyards where general public can visit. Many of these spaces are hidden. I just discover some of them after joining a 2-hour tour offered by San Francisco Citywalk. Let's first look at the rooftop garden at Wells Fargo which can be access from Crocker Galleria -- a shopping mall/food court where I visit once in a while. I know where to have lunch next time. . . .

(Click on photo for larger image)

This rooftop garden atops Wells Fargo Bank in Montgomery/Post Street. See the greenery that pops up from the top of the building?

Access the garden from the top floor of Crocker Galleria.

A great piece of art work inside the garden.

The garden is surrounded by the Hunter-Dulin Building (1920's) famous for its Romanesque and French Chateau ornamentation. Click on the photo to take a closer look at the ornated roof top.

On the other side of the garden is the 1914 Hobart Building.

And across Market Street is the Palace Hotel.

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